Oil Filter

Clean Oil is Good Oil

Does your Toyota oil filter need to be changed? It is important to get the filters regularly replaced because they remove impurities that are in oil and help reduce wear on critical engine components. Here at Voss Toyota, our Toyota-trained technicians can perform factory maintenance or oil changes on your Toyota using Toyota Genuine Oil Filters. By coming into our Beavercreek Toyota dealership and getting your filter changed, you can help maintain proper oil viscosity and extend the life of your Toyota.

Toyota Filters vs Non-Toyota Filters

Filtering elements that remove dirt and other impurities from your engine’s motor oil
Utilize a precision base plate with a locking O-ring to ensure a tight seal
Anti-Drainback valve to prevent oil from draining back into the oil pan when the engine is not running
Not all non-Toyota filters meet Toyota specifications
May not operate as effectively for your Toyota to protect against wear
May clog and cause costly damage to the engine

Genuine Toyota Oil Filters are designed with exact specifications for the flow rate, filter quality and oil capacity of your Toyota vehicle. These filters go through Toyota’s stringent specifications to make sure that they help protect your engine properly against dirt and other contaminates that can cause internal wear. However, not all oil filters meet these rigorous specifications. A non-Toyota filter may not work as effectively as a Genuine Toyota oil filter and may even clog, which then causes costly engine damage. Make sure to order a Genuine Toyota Oil Filter from our Toyota parts experts at Voss Toyota to keep your Toyota healthy.

If you have further questions about Genuine Toyota Oil Filters, feel free to stop by your local Beavercreek Toyota dealership today. Our Toyota-trained technicians are highly trained and can answer any question that you may have about engine oil and filters. Voss Toyota is conveniently located in Beavercreek, OH, and we look forward to serving our customers from Dayton, , and .